All about Nonstick Cookware set you should know

All about Nonstick Cookware set you should know

If you are looking for Non-stick pots and pans then you need to know more about Teflon, T-fal and many other brands. Non-stick pans depend mainly on the coating material Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) imposed on the cookware surfaces to prevent sticking of food. PTFE such magical word your dishwasher, your hands, and your kitchen will like!

Nonstick cookware sets are dishwasher friendly at low temperatures. PTFE is usually non-reactive as long as you cook at mid to low temperatures. What’s with temperature then? It’s simple. PTFE coating is health and environment friendly as long as you keep the temperature below 660 F. What if…? Don’t take the risk. It is not good for your family. In brief it loses all its glamour. Yes, at high temperatures the coating will melt and break and you won’t like the new look

Moreover and most important, PTFE will become reactive. Not good! At high temperatures PTFE will give out some PFOA which is lethal. Don’t ever forget our pan in the oven or use it for high temperatures food. PFOA is thought to be responsible of PFOA flu, cancers, and pregnant women issues. That’s serious. As a rule of thumb, if PFOA can harm women it can harm anything. Kidding but PFOA fumes can be lentil for birds. So we are facing real health and environmental issues.

Good thing is that you can still use nonstick cookware. Remember women are strong. He he! We are here to help you choose your best nonstick frying pan and cookware.

What to consider before buying a nonstick set?

Shield your beloved

Pick a healthy durable coating material. Thermion is our new discovery. Thermion is PTFE and PFOA free. Yay! Some coatings also come reinforced with other substances like diamond crystals for better features. Similar sets are now available at very good prices.


Over-weight is not usually a bad thing when it comes to cookware or pan. Actually heavy weight best guarantee even heat distribution. Drawback is it’s really not very handy plus higher cost.
Best choice is a medium weight set.

Friend of a life time

When choosing the right set you should keep in mind it can have your back, i.e. durability. It’s all about the base material. The most durable is iron, yet it’s the heaviest. Copper offers high conductivity, yet most expensive. Anyhow you will have a big choice of metals and their trade-offs. Do you calculations, set your properties, and then fully enjoy you long lasting meals. Yes, we’re here to cook.


You should fall in love with your companion. Handles are not just accessories, though sometime underestimated by some manufactures. Yes, good handles might mean more money but they are worth it. Best choice, money wise and practicality, is metal handles. Rubber and plastic, unless removable, are not highly recommended. Just be sure you have your gloves on and enjoy moving you pan from stove top and into the oven whenever it needs.

For better or worse

It’s all about commitment. Actions speak louder. Warranty or after sales is very important. Some companies will offer a life time warranty. Seize the opportunity.

Many healthy and economic options are available online and in store to compare between and pick happily. Bottom line if you have concerns using non-stick cookware, don’t go blue, go for green.

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