Steps to Own A Vintage Beard

If you are not genetically blessed, you have faced the issue which most of us have- “The Homeless Guy” look. You know what I mean right, the time when you haven’t shave your beard for a month, its start to itch, all our patches are visible and to be honest most of us look horrible.

Most of the people who say they can’t grow a beard usually shave their beard in this time. Well, that’s the difference between a bearded and beardless man. None of us, who now own our beard have got this from the beginning. We all had “The Homeless Guy” look, we all had the itchy and patchy phase.

Here are some tips that would help you to bite your ground in this irritating phase-

1.Just Don’t Trim/Shave:

I know, this looks like a no brainer but ask yourself, how many time you shaved off your beard when it started itching? Countless times, right?. To be honest, I have done it too. Now your first duty is to have patience and go thorough it like a man. My second and third tip will help you to make this horrible phase less painful and bearable.

 2. Use Beard Oil:

I can’t stress it enough, the itchyness will go away if you use a branded Beard oil, I’ve some suggestions about which ones are good according to your problem and how to use them in my page VintageBeard. You can check them out.

3.Beard Growth Product:

People use beard growth products when they have slow beard growth, you know that. But have you ever thought, you can also use it to grow out the homeless, patchy look? To be honest, these products works really well. They make the growth so fast that you get a full beard in no time.

Actually why won’t they, this pills are just multivitamins, please don’t tell me vitamins don’t work for you. My choice are these beard growth products for fast results but most products in the market are able to produce a good result.

Note: If you are a teenager who’s looking for a glorious beard like the FilmStar you so admire, you might want to check this article I wrote to help grow beard at 18.
Ok, if you would ask me a summary of all this, I would say just don’t shave, use the supplement I suggested or don’t use them, your choice, most of them are just vitamins so eating healthy will be the better choice. Taking care of your beard is a must, not the supplements.

Finally, I must say, there is no product, either that product is suggested by me or any GURU you follow will help you if you don’t take care of your beard. A VintageBeard can’t be bought, it is earned.
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