Izip E3 Metro Electric Bike

Izip E3 Metro Electric Bike

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E-bikes have gained in popularity in the last number of years. As a cost effective way to skirt staggering gas prices and parking fees, these bikes have come a long way with recent developments. The Izip Metro Electric Bike is a terrific “about town” bike and lets you carry your groceries too. It is the hands down favorite of local commuters.

The izip E3 Metro boasts significant cargo carrying ability- with a rear holder welded to the frame and a front carrying “shelf” that is ample enough to hold a couple of bags of groceries with sides high enough to prevent spilling. As part of the frame, it is solid and does not rattle and shimmy- getting your contents where they are intended without imbalance.

One of the greatest features of this bike is the pedal assist technology. You can choose between three levels of power assist- pedal assist and throttle or just throttle-  using a button which is mounted on the handlebar. This unique “PAS/TAG+” system is based on rhythm sensitive technology that assists your peddle power by adjusting power to match. If you want to bypass pedaling entirely, you can change to TAG mode and use the throttle alone for regulating speed and power.  One turn of the throttle allows you to override the system and gain maximum power.

The pedal assist settings allow you to accommodate a number of different terrains, traffic conditions and exertion levels. The low setting will give you electric assist up to 7-8mph, the medium setting boosts you to up to 11-12 mph and the high setting allows you to cruise comfortable at speed of up to 20mph. A fully charged battery will allow you a generous commute range of 20 to 35 miles depending on terrain, rider weight and other conditions. Independent road tests on a very hilly course with little or no pedaling were over 17 miles.

The Litium ion battery pack is stored conveniently in the downtube of the bike. This low, centered positioning allows for greater balance- especially if carrying larger loads. Lithium ion batteries reduces the weight and size of the battery compared to older lead acid batteries. This battery technology also boasts an overall longer life span and are easily charged.

Undoubtedly this is a eye-catching bike. The color combinations of grey/orange and grey/green yield a very sporty appearance. With the high rise handle bars, wide seat, suspension seat post and wide tires, this bike can accommodate the majority of riders for a comfortable commute. The izip E3 Metro Electric Bike is available in both triangle frame and step thru frame.

  • Cargo carrying baskets front and back
  • Sturdy components
  • Slime tubes can seal the tubes against puncture
  • Stylish design
  • Sturdy components
  • Variable speed assist
  • Some riders did not like the display
  • Slight delay when assistance kicks in
  • Motor is not silent
  • Battery is not “quick release”

The Izip E3 Metro bike was hands down the favored e-bike in its class. This is the chosen model by Fresh Food Bike- a LA company which uses the bike for food delivery from Whole Food Markets to residences and events. This is the combination of hybrid bike and mountain bike. Anyone can use this bike on his or her own comfort.

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